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May 3, 2016

For the past seven months, currently enrolled Advanced Training Institute (ATI) families have been receiving weekly emails containing a link to the ATI Family Weekly. The ATI Family Weekly is a short video session (ten to fifteen minutes) designed to enrich the homeschooling experience for these specific families. Bob Newhouse, an ATI father of many years, spearheads the project by introducing other speakers, interviewing ATI couples and individuals, and sharing from his own personal experiences. Recently, he interviewed ATI families in Australia, inviting them to give their testimonies of God’s grace and work in their lives, in both the good times and the hard times. These interviewees included a single young lady, two couples, and a widowed mother of eleven children. Their open, honest testimonies are recorded and made available to encourage others in their own families, homes, and individual lives.

In the early weeks of the series, Gary Fraley, ATI father and former director, explained in several video interviews how to utilize the tools made available to the enrolled families, such as Wisdom Booklets and Meditation Worksheets, and suggested ways families can serve the Lord together in reaching out to others with the Gospel. Preliminary ATI families can view these videos as they work through the curriculum, and “experienced” ATI families have these sessions readily available to review with their younger children as they progress through their homeschooling years.

The goal of these brief weekly “meetings” is to encourage and guide the entire family in 1) seeking God and His will, first and foremost, and 2) successfully using the ATI curriculum to meet the families’ specific needs in relation to their children’s giftings from God.

The curriculum of ATI is designed to teach children academics by relating all learning to Scripture. This unique and creative approach to education has the potential to train children to see their lives from God’s perspective and to prepare them to achieve their God-given potential. For more information, please contact us

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