Beware of False Prophets — Part 3

June 19, 2023

How do we learn to recognize what is false? We might think that the best way to learn to spot falsehood is by studying counterfeits. Surprisingly this is not true! We actually learn to spot a counterfeit by immersing ourselves in the real thing! This principle holds true in our walk with the Lord as well. As we saturate our lives in Him and His Word, He sharpens our discernment to be able to distinguish truth from error.

In our day, there is a growing need for us to be able to discern between what is true and what is false. With so much teaching from so many sources available at our fingertips, we can see that Jesus’ command to Beware of False Prophets is just as applicable and needful for us today!  For this reason, may we daily saturate our hearts and minds in the Word of God! As we do, we will know the Truth and be able to discern what is not of God through the power of His Holy Spirit.

  • Gabe Cleator, Host

    Gabe Cleator loves Jesus and desires to help others cultivate an intimate relationship with Christ as the All-Sufficient One. Gabe holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Ministries, is author of the book Always and in Everything, and currently serves as the director of the Home Discipleship Network under the ministry of IBLP. His passion is to see God’s people turn back to a vibrant, living Christianity that has Christ at the center and the Word as the foundation. Gabe and his wife, Sara, live in East Texas where they enjoy serving the Lord together and spending time in the great outdoors, taking fishing trips or visiting National Parks.

  • Nate Paine, Host

    Nate Paine loves pointing people to God’s Word. After giving his life to the Lord at age 11, he has carried Isaiah 61:1–3 as his life verses, following God’s call to “preach good tidings unto the meek,” “bind up the brokenhearted,” “proclaim liberty to the captives,” and offer beauty for ashes through the Person and work of Christ. Nate completed his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Ministries, has served in prison ministry, and mentored many young men through the Journey to the Heart program. Today, he lives with his wife and four children in East Texas where he serves on staff with IBLP and the Home Discipleship Network. In his spare time, you may find Nate reading his favorite authors (Andrew Murray and A.W. Tozer), perfecting his pour-over coffee brewing, or adventuring with his children—preferably with fishing poles in hand.

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