Heart Change on a Journey

July 16, 2020

“Before I came to Journey, I was bitter at God. I was going through a hard time in life.” So began one Journey participant’s testimony.

This young man attended the young men’s Journey to the Heart in Big Sandy and he did not want to come, but his mom signed him up anyway. As he began to spend time meditating on Scripture, God showed him things from His Word that he had never seen before. He also learned about the importance of giving thanks in difficult circumstances. God did a deep work in this young man’s heart and, by the end of the week, he did not want to leave. He indicated that he wanted to share with his friends back home about the work God did in his heart.

As the Journey participants spent time in the Word of God and heard powerful sermons, God worked in each of their hearts. During the Journey, one young man gave his life to Christ, and several others gained freedom from bitterness. Following a session on repentance and brokenness over sin, the young men had a time of confession and prayer that lasted for 2 hours. Tears were shed as the participants experienced a new sense of freedom in their lives.

A day spent delighting in the Lord was a highlight of the Journey. On this day, participants were encouraged to set aside food to seek the Lord. One of the young men shared that, at times he had questioned the reality of God. As he spent time delighting in the Lord, this young man experienced the reality of God like never before!

At the end of the Journey, another participant explained that, while he had always wanted to have a relationship with God, he never knew how. On the Journey, he began to learn what it means to have a genuine relationship with God. Praise the Lord! Please pray that the guys would continue to seek the Lord now that they are at home.

Our desire is that other young men and young ladies experience the reality of God in their every-day lives. Two more Journeys are scheduled for this year: a young ladies’ Journey August 1–9 in Big Sandy, and a young men’s Journey August 15–29 in the Northwoods. Make plans to join us for one of these special weeks!

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