“Time Well-Invested”

March 11, 2021

After a ten-year pause, the Excel program returned this year with sixteen young ladies in attendance. The ladies had classes in many topics, including nutrition, spiritual gifts, hospitality, sewing, hand lettering, first aid, and spiritual growth. Five weeks of in-person study was followed by five weeks of study at home. God worked mightily in each student, as the following testimonies reveal.

“As a coordinator for the Excel program, it was my privilege to work with each young lady that attended the course. We spent five weeks together learning what it means to grow in grace and reclaim true beauty as daughters of the King. We saw God working in beautiful ways in each heart and life. The practical skills were good, but the real joy was seeing these young ladies hungering for an intimate walk with Christ and seeking after Jesus with all their hearts. It is humbling to be a part of what God has done and continues to do as we work with these ladies long-distance for several more weeks.”
Bethany Ferraro, Excel coordinator

“It’s hard for me to pinpoint what I’ve learned while being at Excel, because it feels like it has just been an overall deepening of everything. I’ve especially loved spending time with the Lord every day and it has created greater desire and hunger for Himself and His Word. Through many situations, I was clearly reminded that there is no good thing in me and I desperately need Jesus every day. I loved all the practical skills and classes, but it was the spiritual topics that were so encouraging and impactful to me. Ruthie Westfahl especially impacted me with her sessions on spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, forgiveness, and much more. By far, one of my favorite things about the past 5 weeks has been the time spent with these lovely humans around me. Not only are they my sanctifying buddies, they are some of my dearest friends. Jesus has been so kind to us all and I’m excited to see what He will do in the future.”
~ A student from Texas

“When I came to Excel I was asking God to use me to be a blessing and encouragement to the girls I would meet; I was also hoping to get some spiritual refreshment after a hurtful situation, and before the chaos of the new year began. God began to show me that everything I feared and struggled with boiled down to a lack of faith, and trust in His unfailing love, sufficient grace, and belief that Jesus is all I need. As I went through each class, I felt God continually reminding me that in everything I desire to do, Jesus must be the guiding force, and strength giver. Something like true hospitality must come from a heart of true love, and the only one who can truly love is Jesus. Excel challenged me to believe that whatever God calls me to do He will give me the grace to accomplish. I will never regret the hours of difficult study spent in the Word of God and in classes. It was time well invested in treasures that will last forever.”
~ A student from New Mexico

“Excel challenged and grew me in many different areas. From Scripture memory to assignments and deadlines, to discipleship opportunities, the Lord constantly reminded me of my need for Him. He taught me what true forgiveness looks like, and gave me a renewed vision for discipleship and ministry. Each class during the course stretched my skill and knowledge, and it was a grand adventure as the whole class learned together! First aid, nutrition, hospitality, vocabulary, cooking, sewing, and calligraphy were just some of the things we enjoyed during our five weeks together. The fellowship was sweet as we came together to learn and grow closer to Jesus. Above all, Excel taught me to do everything with excellence, as unto the Lord. Truly, only what’s done for Christ will last.”
~ A student from Georgia

“Excel was an amazing experience for me! There were challenges that I faced during the course, but God’s grace was ever-present. I grew so much. The Lord opened my eyes to several lies that I was believing. I learned that I choose what I believe. I have the choice to reject a lie or to receive it. The way to differentiate between lies and truth is by knowing the truth, and God’s Word is truth! To anyone considering going to Excel, go! You won’t regret it!”
~ A student from Florida

The next Excel class is scheduled for January 2022! Learn more at familyconferences.org/excel.

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