Toccoa, GA, Family Conference

May 31, 2016

The Toccoa, GA, Family Conference took place May 17-20 at the beautiful Georgia Baptist Convention Center. More than 400 people attended, and it was a wonderful time of fellowship and refreshing encouragement from God’s Word. Following are some testimonies from three attendees:

What a blessing it was for our family to attend the Toccoa Family Conference this year. We had such a wonderful week of encouragement, fellowship, and fun! The theme of the conference, “Walking in the Light,” reminded all of us that God’s Word is a “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.” The Student Sessions were another highlight. To see young people so engaged in what the speakers were presenting—with convicting questions—gives us hope for the future. For His glory, A Family from Florida

Our family had the privilege of attending the Big Sandy, TX, and Toccoa, GA, Family Conferences this year—and we loved it! The Family Conferences are always a highlight for our family each and every year, and we often plan our year ahead around the dates of the Family Conferences. We love the time spent meeting new people, seeing our children both learn and minister to others, and absorbing all the wonderful teaching. We always come away every year having been challenged in new areas, delighting in the fellowship, and anticipating next year!

This year the conference was moved to a great location in the north Georgia mountains, and the setting was beautiful! The semi-secluded, private setting was a great blessing. The meals were excellent, and the housing was very reasonably priced. Having housing on-site makes a great difference for families with toddlers and infants who need to go back to the room for a rest during the day, and is so convenient for fellowship after the evening sessions and after the conference is over. The opportunities for canoeing, hiking, playing ping-pong, etc., were great for added fellowship.

If you’ve never attended a Family Conference, I know you would be blessed by coming as a family. Spending time with the Lord, hearing from His Word, seeing your family grow in the Lord, and enjoying the great fellowship make this a unique conference in our experience! Counting the days until the next one!

In Christ, A Family from Georgia

I want to second the commendations for the Georgia conference. We always go to Big Sandy, but we are all out of children and couldn’t justify the expense for just the two of us! We were thrilled that they chose the Toccoa, GA, location—only an hour away from us! It is a beautiful location in the foothills of the Georgia mountains. We were actually able to afford a room and the meals because of the great rates. My ALERT son was a leader for Cadets and said that they had everything that they needed, including hiking areas and a lake with canoes. I am hoping that the conference here will grow and allow more families in the southeast to attend. There also is a full-service campground with 50 amp and sewer connections—both very helpful to us. If they have it here next year, I will bring the grandchildren. 

Of course, the best part was drinking in God’s Word in such a peaceful environment—and being fed to overflowing. My heart is full of hope for the potential of ATI, as the leadership humbly has returned to its roots of discipleship and encouraging families from Scripture. 

Blessings, A Family from Georgia

The Toccoa Family Conference was a tremendous blessing to our family. The Lord lifted us up and encouraged us there in so many ways. My husband saw the humility of the speakers, and they gave him a vision for walking in God’s way as they shared how they led their families. 

As an ALERT squad leader, my oldest son experienced the blessing of fellowship in getting together with so many people. My younger son thought the fellowship was definitely a good thing, being able to influence others and being influenced by them. He had the opportunity to help a couple of little guys about compassing, and the ALERT unit leaders and squad leaders were good examples to him. In his ALERT squad, another of my younger sons was encouraged to walk in God’s light daily, learning how to step up and lead by setting an example for others.  

In COMMIT, my daughter could tell the speakers really cared about her and wanted to help her. Another daughter learned through a Pre-Embassy skit how the Holy Spirit fills us with good things. The Devil tries to fill us with bad things, and he tries to bind us up. When we go to Jesus, He unwraps us. During a CI presentation by Gabriel Cleator, our son was amazed that the Israelites were marching into battle singing praises to the Lord. The opposing armies were ready to attacked them, but then, God gave them the victory! God was good to His people. 

As a mother, I had a change of focus listening to David Waller’s testimony of his family’s schedule. I realized that our family devotional time was more than a tool that God would use in our lives, but that it really was the best part of our day. What greater joy, satisfaction, and unity as a family is there than in spending time in His presence with His Word! 

In addition, we were blessed by a few special speakers whom the Lord used to enlarge our hearts. Jamie Lash, S.M. Davis, and Otto Koning gave us strategies to defeat Satan’s attacks, which helped us before we left the conference. Lieutenant Warner gave our family a clearer picture of a loving father’s heart. Jobe Martin showed us how to witness with confidence. Lastly, God used Bob Newhouse in the last talk to save us from making plans to apply everything we learned in our own strength, but instead, to pray for the Lord to build the house. – A Mother from Virginia

The next conference, at Sacramento, CA, begins next month, Tuesday, July 5. Online registration closes at midnight, Tuesday, June 28. For more information or to register, please visit

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