3 Journeys starting September 23

August 21, 2017

Guy’s Journey to the Heart in Big Sandy, Texas

A Journey to the Heart is planned for September 23–October 1 in Big Sandy, Texas. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for this upcoming Journey. Guys ages 13-30 are welcome to attend the Journey and will be staying in a house that is nestled on the 2,000+ acres of the extensive ALERT/IBLP campus. The house overlooks beautiful Lake Loma and is an ideal spot for getting alone to seek the Lord and meditate on His Word.

Oftentimes we can know a lot about God but not really know Him personally and intimately ourselves. Do you desire an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father? Are you searching for what it really means to have daily victory in the overcoming life of Jesus Christ? Do you desire fellowship with other guys that are pursuing the Lord? If so, attending a Journey to the Heart could be a big step forward in your all-out pursuit of Jesus Christ. You can get more information and register at: lifesrealjourney.com.

There will also be a Family Week taking place in Big Sandy during the Guy’s Journey. Families are invited to participate in Family Week while their sons attend the Journey. Come work alongside the IBLP and ALERT Staff and enjoy a time of service, fellowship, and encouragement in the Lord. More information about Family Week can be found at familyconferences.org.

Girls’ Journey and Ladies’ Journey in the Northwoods of Michigan!

While the guys are seeking the Lord in Texas, there will be a Girls’ Journey and Mothers’ Journey happening over 1,000 miles away, in the Northwoods of Michigan. Ladies of all ages are invited to join us from September 23–October 1 for a time of seeking the Lord. There will be a group for young ladies ages 13–24 and one for married women and single ladies 25 or older. The beautiful fall leaves, the gorgeous lake, and the cool weather make this an ideal time to be up in the Northwoods seeking the One whose creation is all around you. 

Whether it is getting up early in the morning to spend time meditating on the Word while watching fog rise up off of one of the lakes or marveling at the majesty and grandeur of our God as you see the amazing stars at night and hear the call of loon, we think the Northwoods is an ideal place for married ladies, moms, and single girls to get away from the busyness of life to spend time seeking the face of Jesus and getting to know Him intimately. To register or find out more information, visit lifesrealjourney.com.

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