Celebrating 10 Years of Experiencing God

August 8, 2017

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the first Journey to the Heart? We thought this obviously called for a celebration of all that God has done through the years. That celebration turned into a 5-day “Journey Reunion,” and occurred June 28–July 2! Around 80 guys and girls came to the Chicago area from all across the country. Everyone enjoyed coming together and renewing old friendships and making new friends.

The reunion seemed to be the perfect blend of fun, fellowship, excellent group sessions, and personal time in God’s Word. Activities ranged from sports tournaments to trivia games and skits. Discussions included testimonies of past Journeys and a look into the future of Journey. The time was filled with a good spirit of being with people who love God and desire to draw closer to Him. “I was grateful for the true fellowship that occurred throughout the week,” commented one of the reunion participants. Another person wrote, “We didn’t come as perfect people, but as believers seeking Jesus.”

One special highlight was having Eric Ludy as the guest speaker. During a morning devotional and three sessions, Eric gave messages that challenged listeners to go to a deeper level in their spiritual lives. One guy wrote, “The talks [by Ludy] seemed to build on each other in a nice progression.” From faith and view of God, to suffering and eternity, the attendees left exhorted and encouraged to press on in pursuing Jesus. One girl commented, “[These were] such deep, real messages about everyday issues.”

The Upside Down Coffee Shop was a popular place at the reunion. It was a great place to fellowship with friends and frappes, bubble tea, and snacks. The Journey Shop had books, newly-designed T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles to purchase and take home the “Journey” and good memories.

If you didn’t come to the Journey Reunion, or if you’ve never been on a Journey, consider coming to one of our other short conferences this year in Oak Brook, Illinois! For single girls aged 21+, you’ll want to come August 17–20 for The Overlook. If you are aged 18+ and want to be a leader in this generation, join us on September 13–17 for a practical, hands-on learning time at Take the Lead. For information on upcoming Journeys, visit lifesrealjourney.com. We hope to see you soon!

—Report by the 2017 Journey to the Heart staff

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