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Embassy Media

Embassy Media is the online media library of IBLP with hundreds of messages on God's Word, family, marriage, parenting, education, finance, and ministry to help you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Expand Your Understanding of Five Life Roles

Relationships form the essence of life. Gain a new appreciation for how your relationship with God as a Person will influence your effectiveness as a Partner, Parent, Provider, and Proclaimer.

Affordable for Families

Unlimited streaming of hundreds of messages is available for only $4.99/month. And it's easier than ever to find resources on specific topics and themes with our system for organizing media! Wanting to grow in a particular area? Looking for resources to add to your small group study? Browse the media on Embassy by topics, series, speakers, and much more.

Access On All Your Devices

Watch videos on the go and wherever you are with enhanced mobile capabilities!

Excited? Check it out for yourself!

Whether you're watching as an individual or together as a family, the messages on Embassy will refresh your spirit, challenge you to grow, and inspire your continual pursuit for God's purposes to be accomplished in your life and the lives of those around you.

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