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Financial Freedom Seminar

Facing financial pressures or simply trying to avoid problems? Interested in what the Bible has to say about finances?

Jim Sammons

This 16-hour video seminar, taught by Jim Sammons, has helped thousands of people avoid financial disaster as they have understood what the Bible teaches about money and and have begun to apply those principles in their lives.

Jim explains universal financial principles from God’s Word and uses down to earth illustrations from his own life. The seminar gives practical training on topics such as:

  • What it really means to be financially free.
  • God’s four purposes for money.
  • Identifying and rejecting false financial concepts.
  • Establishing the tithe as a “weekly reminder.”
  • Learning to live within your income.
  • Developing sales resistance.
  • How to get the best buy.
  • Reasons to avoid business partnerships.
  • And much more!