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Growing in grace. Reclaiming true beauty.

Welcome to Excel, a dynamic discipleship and service program that exists to help young ladies pursue Biblical womanhood with excellence and grace. At this program, expect a broad variety of topics that all bring us towards one goal: growing in grace and reclaiming true beauty.

As we pursue Christ, we’ll emphasize discipleship and spiritual disciplines. As we pursue fruitful service, we’ll enjoy training in dozens of skills – from essay writing and budgeting to sewing, hospitality, basic first aid, and everything in between. Available for single young ladies ages 16 and older, we invite you to join us for this year’s class!



At Excel, we are passionate about pursuing Biblical womanhood. Through prioritizing spiritual growth, and providing training in practical skills, we want to help young ladies grow in grace and reclaim true beauty. You may be wondering, “What does that look like in the classroom?” We’re glad you asked! Here’s a sample syllabus for Excel:



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