Florida Journey to the Heart – March 18-26, 2017

May 17, 2017

The Journey to the Heart team was a little uncertain about taking the Journey to Florida, but decided to give it a try. However, after everything was said and done, the team was so thankful they did. The location where the Journey was held was ideal in so many ways: the camp staff love the Lord and are dedicated to His kingdom; the accommodations were wonderful; and the weather was perfect.

From Journey sessions to tubing on the lake, and from group discussions to archery, there were many different activities during the week. Participants were delighted to hear messages from Paul and Jenny Speed of WIT (Whatever It Takes) ministries. One particular topic they spoke on was “judgments” – the lies we believe about others that hinder our relationships with them. The Speeds also included object lessons that really “hit home” with the attendees.

Hearing the testimonies of how God worked in hearts during the Journey brought several of the leaders to tears. Even the camp director was touched as he heard the participants share. It was a special time, and hearing the young people share about how they heard from the Lord made all the planning, arrangements, and travel worth the time invested! God was faithful in showing Himself to those who wanted to hear from Him.

There are a lot of upcoming Journey events scheduled for this summer! You do not want to miss out. Come join us this summer and be challenged in drawing nearer to God! For more information about these events please visit lifesrealjourney.com/events.


Guys’ Journey, June 17-25, Northwoods, MI

Journeyers Unite, June 28-July 2, Oak Brook, IL

Girls’ Journey, July 15-23, Northwoods, MI

Men on Mission, August 3-6, Oak Brook, IL

The Overlook, August 17-20, Oak Brook, IL

Take the Lead, September 13-17, Oak Brook, IL

Girls’ Journey, September 23-October 1, Northwoods, MI

Guys’ Journey, September 23-October 1, Big Sandy, TX

Ladies’ Journey, September 23-October 1, Northwoods, MI

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