International Ministerial Institute

June 16, 2015

Are you interested in knowing Christ in a more personal way? Desiring a deeper walk of faith? Or sensing a calling from the Lord into ministry? The International Ministerial Institute (IMI) in Burnet, TX, was established for these purposes. For fourteen years IMI has been encouraging young men and women to develop a deeper relationship with their heavenly Father and to understand the need for the Holy Spirit in every aspect of practical living and service.

IMI offers a three-year program. Classes are scheduled similarly to college semesters. The fall semester starts in late August and ends in mid-November, and the spring semester begins in late February and ends in mid-May. Each semester is twelve weeks long. The cost is currently $2,100 per semester, which includes room, board, and books. Separate dorms are provided for male and female students.

At IMI, students are instructed on how to live as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, to allow God to transform them into a royal priesthood, to rely only on His abilities and power, and to be pure vessels set apart for His use in the world. A three-year commitment is required from the students. If a student desires, he or she can stay for a fourth year and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Ministries, or with further studies one can earn a Master’s Degree in Biblical Ministries.

One graduating student shared, “Since becoming a student at IMI, God has radically transformed my understanding of Who He is. I once believed that God was a cruel Taskmaster; now I see that He is our loving Heavenly Father. I once believed that we had to do everything for God; now I see that God desires us to depend on Him and let Him live His life through us. I once believed that God was distant and far removed from us; now I see that God dwells within those who love Him and that they dwell within Him. 

“One of the most amazing and transforming truths that God has revealed to me through my time at IMI is the truth that the Christian life is not about religion but about a relationship with our heavenly Father. And, just as it is with human relationships, we get to know God through conversation with Him and time spent with Him. Throughout my time at IMI, God has made real to me the vital importance of hiding His Word in our hearts by memorizing it and meditating on it.” 

Some of the subjects covered at IMI include:
•    Developing Intimacy with God
•    How to Love God Biblically
•    Humility
•    The Purpose of Holiness
•    The Power of the Holy Spirit
•    Spiritual Disciplines – Bible Memorization and Meditation – Personal Prayer
•    Biblical Kingdom Counseling
•    Logical Thinking and Fallacies
•    Each student completes a survey and personal commentary on the entire Bible
•    And much more

Consider this testimony from an IMI fifth semester student:  “God has recently been teaching me that I am nothing, and that He is everything. There is no one who can live the life that we are called to live, and I am no exception. I am not fit for the life I am called to live, but He is. He wants us to be completely emptied of our own ability to do anything and to cast our trust upon Him.”

Is God calling you to IMI? For more information or an application, please email us at or call us at 512-756-1023.

Pictures courtesy of Gabriel Cleator.

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