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August 14, 2017

The ATI Family Weekly is the new series being introduced on Embassy Media! We began producing the series two years ago, releasing a new video weekly. There are now over 100 messages to choose from, ranging from 15–30 minutes long and covering a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Refreshing personal stories to encourage you and your family
  • Interesting interviews with home educated families and their young people
  • Courtship accounts that resulted in marriages (and one that did not . . .)
  • Informative interviews about ministry opportunities
  • Inspiring testimonies of God’s working in lives—such as drawing people to Christ, calling a police officer to be a preacher, or leading a pastor to become an evangelist. Listen to personal stories about God’s healing a pastor from anger, teaching an already dedicated husband to love his wife, and providing spiritual answers for parents whose young sons were diagnosed with autism. 





A Lesson From a CorkIt’s Not Magic





David and Priscilla: A Courtship StoryA Decision to Honor my Father





The Powerful Testimony of Tom HarmonYou’re Not Retired!

These and many more videos are waiting for you at the ATI Family Weekly series, now available to you on Embassy Media!

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