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We’ve all heard the storybook tales of the prince and the maiden who married and lived “happily ever after.” When we look around our world today, it would be easy to become cynical about the possibility of a “happily ever after” marriage. Is it really possible, or are those stories just for children’s books, romance movies, and young girls’ dreams?
The most important decision we will make, after salvation, is probably the decision of marriage. It affects every area and every day of life! God has given each one of us a natural desire for companionship, yet there are essential lessons we can learn from His Word that invite blessing into our lives, regardless of whether we are single or married.
Every individual, family, and situation is unique, and therefore, each courtship is unique. What worked well for one couple might not be the best choice for another couple. The concepts presented here are helpful guidelines and a possible pattern to consider.
Every courtship is unique because each couple and their circumstances are unique. More significantly, God’s ways are unique, and He has creative, timely, and even miraculous ways of bringing a man and woman together for marriage. In every courtship, both individuals and families should diligently seek God’s direction.